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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trent's Story

Trent is a friend of Kylie's. They attend Kindergarten together. It's funny how the Lord works, because Trent also has a passion for serving the homeless. This story is priceless, enjoy...

Trent’s story...

How many homeless people do we see on the streets each and every day? We usually look out our windows when we are stopped at a light and think so many different things... “Should I give them money, If I give them money will they use it for drugs or alcohol, should I drive through somewhere and buy them something to eat, Are they veterans?” And the list goes on. So many questions...

About a year ago, one particular homeless man caught my six year old son’s eye and our lives have been changed ever since. His name is Joe and he lives under the bridge at Wirt and I-10. He is not your typical homeless guy that holds up the sign that says, Homeless, Please help, God Bless!” Joe sits on a bucket and makes crosses out of pine leaves and flowers. They are actually very beautiful and this is probably what first caught my son’s eye. He would roll down his window and say, “Mom, can I please have some money?” and in return, Joe would give him one of his crosses. Trent was so proud of this treasure and it naturally became the highlight of his day to roll down the window and make this quick exchange with Joe. Soon after this, Trent wanted to do more. At 6 years old, I can honestly say that I had never seen Trent make his own turkey sandwich. But this all changed when he was doing it for Joe. He would pack Joe a lunch with everything you can imagine in it and ask me to take him to the bridge. I can assure you this was always more of a blessing to Trent than it was for Joe.

One evening my husband and Trent were driving home and they rolled down the window to talk to Joe. I had made Taco Soup that evening and Trent told Joe that he would bring he and his friends (the other homeless guys) some dinner. They came home and loaded up about 6 bowls of soup, chips, cheese and anything else Trent could fit in the bag. When they got there, Joe wasn’t there so they asked the other guys where he was. They pointed across the street to the CVS. When my husband and Trent pulled into the CVS, they could see Joe at the check out register. Trent was hanging out the window yelling, “Joe, Joe!!” as loud as he could. Joe had a huge grin on his face when he came out holding a box.

Inside the box was a gift for Trent that he had spent all of his money on. It was a skeleton on a motorcycle and when you pressed the button it sang “Bad to the Bone...” He told Trent he bought it for him because he thinks he is “Bad to the Bone.” Of course my husband got out of the car and told Joe he shouldn’t spend his money on that.  Joe looked him in the eye and said, “Please don’t steal my blessing.” Right then a lady walked out and handed Joe $100 -- she had witnessed the whole thing. With tears in his eyes, my husband told me this story. It would be hard to believe if they hadn’t seen it firsthand. You never know what the Lord is up to, but I believe when you (or your children) feel that little nudge to do something for someone else, do it. You will blessed!