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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hillary's Story

Last Sunday our Bible Study talked a lot about encouragement. It is vital to our Christian walk. My own personal struggle with discouragement keeps me paralyzed and unable to carry out God's will.

Last week as I was driving to pick up Kylie from school, I was feeling discouraged because I had nothing on me to offer my homeless friends. I pulled up to a light and sat in my special pity party I was throwing for myself. After a few moments I looked over and saw a man waiting at the bus stop. He looked about as discouraged as one could get. I rolled down my window and asked his name. He hollered back, "Kenny." I asked him if there was any specific way I could pray for him. Immediately his downward expression changed into a grin and he replied, "Yes! Please pray that God would release the devil's hold on my life!" I told him that I would pray. Then I introduced myself and asked Kenny to pray the same for me. Kenny said he would pray for me too. Just as I was rolling up my window, Kenny called out, "Hillary, thanks for the encouragement. I really needed it. God Bless you." Funny thing... I needed it too!

Have a great week! Remember...You can find God's encouragement everywhere...even at a bus stop.

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